Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

Wasn’t it the Temptations who made a tune with the title “I’ve Got Sunshine On A Cloudy Day” popular back in the ’60s? I know the tune was about “my girl,” but I will take the title to how I was feeling on a motorcycle ride that I led for my club on Sunday.

Storm threat in the afternoon and cloudy skies were concerning, but sunshine of a different sort was calling…
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Blog Overtakes the Website

Dear followers of BHD’s Musings,

I sincerely appreciate your checking in for whatever I may choose to post on my blog. Interestingly, the traffic of visitors to this blog has now consistently surpassed the traffic of visitors to my boots & gear website. For the past several months, the average daily unique visitors to this blog now exceed the average daily visitors to my website by a statistically significant margin.

Why is this happening?
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Update on the Motorcycle Commute

Regular readers of this blog are aware that I had a crash last May whilst commuting on my Harley to work. I had become accustomed to arriving at my office by 0530, sometimes earlier. And my commute to work was almost always in the dark. That was among the reasons of the cause of my crash — cage drivers can’t see motorcycles in broad daylight, so why would I expect a cage driver to see me in the dark? (Even though my bike is extremely well-lit!)

My Spouse asked me …
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A Booted Man In A Flip-Flop World

This post is written for a long-time follower of this blog who wrote to me recently to ask about my perspective of being a man who wears boots exclusively, even during the summer when it is quite warm, and being surrounded by flip-flop wearing yuppies who know no better…

Well, let’s say, “surrounded by flip-flop wearing yuppies who wear those things.” Okay, here goes…
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